Manual for your hotel room

Dear guest,
Welcome to Amrâth Hotel Eindhoven!

Find the instructions here for:


Air conditioner:

- The air conditioner is located above the door of the room. The remote control is situated above the desk on the left or right.
- To switch the air conditioner on or off, press the on/off switch on the remote control.
- With the MODE button, you can switch between auto / heat / cool / dry air.
- With the triangle buttons above and under TEMP, you can regulate the temperature.


- If the stand-by light is turned on, you can switch on the television with the remote control.
- If the stand-by light is not turned on, the television is turned off. To change this,  press the lower button on the right hand side of the television.  



To use the safe in the closet near the entrance of the room, follow these instructions:
1. Open the door.
2. Press the inner red button.
3. Enter a new 3 to 8 digit code.
4. Press “B”.

To close or open the safe:

1. Insert you code + “B”.